Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesdays with Mama

Tuesdays I work from home. That means I work into the wee hours Monday night and into the wee hours Tuesday night so I can spend my Tues-day with the little bear. We try to make the most of it....gardening, baking, swinging, exploring. This is Rowan's garden. He digs, he buries, he moves dirt from here to there.

Today he discovered the wonders of thyme. We watered the thyme. We smelled the thyme. "Mmmm," he said. So we tasted the thyme. He asked for seconds and devoured the wooly stem promptly.

We also made sun tea. Green sun tea at Papa's request. After three glasses, he confessed he had a milkshake and cheeseburger on his way home from work. Luckily, the tea was a tasty penance.

We wrapped up a thoroughly delicous day with breakmaking--no-knead style. I'm proud to admit I haven't purchased a loaf of bread since December '07. Rowan prefers it raw and requests for "dough" are ceaseless.


Alison Roskos Treat said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with me! Can I put it on my "blogroll"? I'm so impressed--I only make bread with my bread machine. I'm too lazy for kneading and rising and that huge production. Good for you! So good to see how you all are doing. Blessings!

Amanda said...

Yes, yes! Please do add me. I'll be adding all my friends' blogs this weekend (yours included if that's okay). As far as the bread goes, no kneading and very little rising involved. It's that no-knead kind and I'm hooked! Thanks for checking in :)

Alison Roskos Treat said...

Yes, please add mine to your blogroll as well! :-)