Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zen Tacky

So I've been trying to keep up with an increase in hours at my part-time job and additional freelance projects coming down the pike. While also making time for valuable play with the little bear. (No, no, cleaning has not been on the feasible "to do" list for a while now.) All this means I've been neglecting my lovely blog. I promise a substantial post or two in the coming weeks. Until then, I leave you with a few Zen shots. (Wish I felt as calm and collected as these photos!)

Oh, and I've fallen madly in love: Taza stoneground Mexicano chocolate. It is sweet, bitter and just a little gritty. Kind of like the texture of icing when you don't cream the butter and sugar enough. I know it is a huge no-no, but I adore a good gritty icing now and again. There is something satisfying about feeling the sugar crystals exploding between your teeth. Does that make my tacky?


Alison said...

Wow, I always use powdered sugar for icing, so I don't think I've ever HAD gritty icing. It sounds delightful!

DJ said...

This dog looks downright beatific as if one should hear in the background some angelic strains on a harp or the dulcet tones of Alexander Scourby reading a King James Bible text. "...and then the blessed canine did herd the Lord's people, yea verily, sheep, into the promised land of milk bones and honey, rebuking them to sit and stay..."