Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Music for the soul

My mother always told me I'd regret not learning an instrument when I grew up. But I found more joy listening than practicing when I was young, and live music wasn't something that was really a part of our family. What I mean is no one in my family played.

There is something about "everyday" music that seeps through the skin and into the soul. It bypasses all boundaries and assumptions.

Crooked Still at the Mauck Chunk Opera House

I might not play either, but I intend to make sure the little bear experiences the closest thing to everyday music. So we go to concerts, open mic nights, music in the park. And he soaks it all in. Maybe he'll play one day, maybe he won't. But, I hope he'll always carry music in his soul.

There is something a friend sent to me the other day I know I'll carry in my soul...


debbiedas said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more. Music is ALWAYS on in our house...we live and breathe it. While neither my husband nor myself play anything well (my husband tinkers with guitar and banjo) we do surround my son (3 1/2) with instruments and opportunities. In fact, for his third birthday we bought a third hand piano (with the help of grandma's and grandpa's) and it has become the focal point of our home. We spend time every day sitting at it. And like you...we attend lots of musical festivities...concerts in the park being our favourite. Long live the music in our souls.

greekwitch said...

I am a soprano, so of course i totally agree!

Earthenwitch said...

Meant to reply to your comment about the stripy wool leggings the other day, but then changed comments systems and lost what you'd said! Anyway, the gist of my response was that you can get striped tights for adults and more-so in the US, I think, than here in the UK (I've ogled many US sites many times!), and the leg-warmers the small girl is wearing in the pictures are actually just knitted in the round; it's all in the choosing of the yarn. :)

And good on you for embracing music - it's such an important thing to have in life, I think, and can be a very good friend for life if you give it chance.

Mary said...

Hannah Andersson Swedish cotton knits catalog/site carries great tights & leggings. Great everything!

Re: music... totally agree! My adult kids are major music appreciators & I take credit for making sure they had access to musicians "caught in the act" rather than just recordings/radio, etc. Have just realized a long-time goal by joining an a cappella group & they want to feature my voice on a few songs!

A favorite lullaby-type song is Shawn Colvin's "I Don't Know Why" She wrote it for her step-son who lived in Australia & one of my favorite lines is "And if there were no music, I would not get by..." Singing to your child is important no matter how good or bad you consider your voice to sound because it's still the Mommas & the Poppas that touch their little souls! Just like our art work should not be criticized as good or bad, neither should the act of throwing back your head & making your sound come out!

Keep up the great writing, Amanda!

Amanda said...

Debbie: Love the banjo! I'd be thrilled if our little bear picked up on that instrument.

Greekwitch: I'm a soprano myself, although since becoming a mama, I find myself singing lullabyes more in the alto range. Feels more chant-like and relaxing for some reason.

Earthenwitch: Thanks for the tips on stripedy stockings. Oh how I love the ones I ordered online. Will let you know if ever attempt to knit a pair for myself, but don't hold your breath!

Mary: Wow! Congrats on living the dream. And, oh how I love Shawn Colvin. Our little bear is addicted to "Little Bear" the cartoon. When we purchased the movie-length episode for him, I fell in the love with the music and thought it sounded familiar. Turns out Shawn Colvin was the singer.