Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumn energy

Fall is my favorite time of year. I can't help but take in as much of the crisp air, golden light and that unique scent of the declining year. You can almost feel the outdoors winding down.

We pulled the last bits of the harvest from the garden...

...and reveled in the final snatches of warmth--storing them on our bones to keep us warm through the winter.

We celebrated a birthday...

...and looked closely as some of the things in our little world that have begun to feel familiar only to find lots of unfamiliar things.

And after days of weather that nearly chilled us all to the bone, we had a warm and wet reprieve...

Note: He did start out with galoshes and an umbrella. By the end of this escapade, he was sitting in the puddles.

Of course, we've also had temper tantrums galore, 20 adults and 10 children in our too small home (including an experiement in doing a pinata inside amongst all said folk), five articles for Mother Earth News, and job interviews at least once a week for the hubby. Now the household is recovering from a case of the sniffles.

I would have posted some pumpkin pics, but the little bear has decided he is NOT interested in going to the pumpkin patch this year. Sigh. Maybe we should take to carving turnips. T'would be more historically accurate and wouldn't require dragging a very large three-year-old through a field kicking and screaming.

In the meantime, the countdown to All Hallow's Eve is underway and we've been waffling on whether or not to take our precocious (but temperamental as of late) little man to see Where the Wild Things Are movie. I've heard amazing things about it, but my parents managed to see it first (I suspect because they didn't trust our instincts on this one) and were "appalled" at how emotionally violent it was. Would love to get any blogmama opinions on this one.

Until next time....


greekwitch said...

Beautiful pictures! HAving kids definitely reminds of the simplicity of happiness!
Blessed be!

5orangepotatoes said...

My sister saw Where the wild things are and said basically the same thing. Hmmm?

Happy birthday to the babe!


Cave Mother said...

Gorgeous pictures. I wish I could love autumn, but the fact that winter is just around the corner makes it feel sad to me.

This morning, Cave Baby picked up handfuls of leaves from the ground and we played at pulling the red leaves off the trees. so we had our bit of baby autumn fun as well.

Leanne said...

Oh my those first two pics capture an Autumn essence perfectly...divine!
Oh a movie??...I never knew....*Where The Wild Things Are* is such a classic beloved book....could it possibly go beyond a child's imagination?