Monday, May 4, 2009


"He smells like strawberries. Do you think that's bad?" ~Papa

He's bathed and brushed and yet the scent of strawberries rises from his skin. Sure, he ate a whole bowl full for breakfast, but it's bedtime. How could he still smell like strawberries?

I'd worry, but I'm too delighted by this metaphor materializing in real life.


Lisa said...

Oh, what a sweet smelling little boy. Araina had a strawberry hive breakout when she was about 16 mths. old. It was due to berry overload over a few days' time (lots of smoothies and fresh berries daily for about a week). It's the only time she has ever broken out in hives from berries. There were no other complications...Benadryl and time took care of the hives.

It is a lovely metaphor. ;)

sunnymama said...

How lovely, I can almost smell the strawberries. How sweet to have a strawberry baby :)

Mon said...

lol, that's the kind if question I can imagine my hubby asking.

Strawberry boy, yummy.

Earthenwitch said...

I love this.