Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy little bees

Who knew one could be so busy without a full-time job? Not I. We have been here, there, and everywhere the last month or so and I've let my devoted reading of all the lovely blogs out there languish. I've also been doing some writing for Mother Earth News magazine and have been so excited to have a few deadlines, I've let quite a few things slip. (Eh...blog, housecleaning, bill-paying...nothing of real importance.)

While I've been off galavanting, I received a "One Lovely Blog Award" from Docwitch over at Dark Side of the Broom. I then, of course, felt oh-so-guilty for slacking off, I had to get back on the horse as such and write something....hell, anything. So in the spirit of catching up, here is a quick photo montage of late June adventures. (July photos to follow when I retrieve my camera from my parents' camper later this week.)