Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Tomorrow is Rowan's third Thanksgiving and it's about time I catch up with my three or four readers here. Since the Mmmm Mama blog has been languishing for the last two months, we've been enjoying every spare autumn moment. So much so that we never finished cleaning out our garden nor got our garlic in the ground for next year. And I certainly won't bore you with how messy the house looks. Oh well. What are the holidays for if not cleaning?

We're going to make a trip to Ritter's Cider Mill with Meme and Grampy an annual event from now on. In fact, we were going to have Rowan's birthday party there, but figured we'd save it until he's a little older and can invite a few of his friends to go with him.

Mmmm....picking apples!

There is nothing like fresh-squeezed, unpasturized apple cider from Ritter's.

Meme taught Rowan the real meaning of HAYrides and Grampy "benefited" from the lesson!

Is there anything we wouldn't do for our litle ones? From left to right, that's Meme, Grampy and Mama. Papa is taking the picture. You can't see if face, but Rowan was laughing hysterically! Totally worth it!

And then is was time for All Hallow's Eve. The carving of the gourd was a teeny bit more controlled this year as compared to last, but unique none-the-less.

Whoa Daddy, what is that stuff?!

Rowan knighted our pumpkin "Aberdeen" this year. We don't know why.

Since Rowan already considered himself a pirate, we thought we'd simply bring the delusion to life and dress him as the Dread Pirate Rowan for trick-or-treating. He looks somber here, but he had a ball raiding the neighbors' houses for candy.

Until next time....I'll try not to stay away so long.